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ALS Tolerant Sorghum Trials

ALS-tolerant sorghum trials in the Texas Panhandle.  

Crape Murder

Avoid committing Crape Murder when pruning your crape myrtles.  

Choosing Quality Gardening Tools

Choosing a quality gardening tool is a long term investment and can make gardening work easier too.

Grass Clippings are Fertilizer

Grass clippings left in the lawn will decompose and provide nutrients to feed the turf grass.  

Colorful Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are a versatile way to add color and beauty throughout your landscape.

Landscaping Frost Covers

Cover your plants with row cover fabric to protect them against frost damage.  

Winter Weeds

In late winter, cool season weeds put on a lot of growth and can become an unsightly problem in your lawn.  

Freeze Protection

Tips for protecting cold tender plants from a light freeze.  

How to Create an Aquaponics Farm

Dr. Joe Masabni explains how an Aquaponics system works.

Yellow Shrubs

Yellowing foliage on a shrub may be due to a nutrient deficiency.  

New Gardening Radio Program

Saturday mornings from 7-9 a.m. on 710 Talk Radio in McAllen, TX.  

Poison Ivy

How to identify and control poison ivy.  

Fall Lawn Care

Tips for preventing weeds and diseases in your lawn in the fall season.  

Garden of Greatness

Part of a five-year urban food desert pilot program for Bexar County, TX.  

Watering Your Lawn During Water Restrictions

Tips for watering lawn during water restrictions.  

Rejuvenating Petunias

Cut back petunias to rejuvenate the plants for more blooms.  

Potting Soil

Learn about the different types of potting soil and how to make your own.  

Lawn Mowing

Mowing at the proper height and frequency is an important part of building a dense, attractive lawn.

Insect Control with Soap or Oil

Control small, soft-bodied insects safely with soap or oil sprays.  

Ground Cover Shade

Ground cover plants for shady landscape areas.  

Grape Tomatoes

Grape tomatoes are tasty and produce better in hot weather than the large fruited types of tomatoes.  

Spring Pruning

How to prune spring blooming plants.  


Begonias provide beautiful foliage and bloom for bright, shady areas of the landscape.  

Reviving Ferns

How to rejuvenate your ferns.  

Passion Flowers

Flowering vines give added beauty of a bloom.  

Brighten Shaded Areas

Tips for a few variegated plants that will help to brighten shady areas of the landscape.  

Tycoon Tomato

The Tycoon tomato has superior resistance to diseases and nematodes. It can produce very large fruit of superior quality.

Summer Planting

Good plants for summer.  

Planting Sod

Choosing and using different types of sod to fill in bare areas in your lawn.  

Pruning Trees

How to prune trees with or without a certified arborist.