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Women’s Natural Resource Conference

Bennett Trust Women’s Natural Resource Conference. For more information please visit:  

Livestock Guardian Dog Publication

AgriLife Extension offers new livestock guardian dog publication. Download the Livestock Guardian Dogs publication (pdf)  

Managing Pastures

…doesn’t only mean growing grass.

Wildfire Mitigation

How prescribed burning mitigates wildfires.

Who to Contact Before Burning

Recommended calls to make prior to implementing prescribed burns in Texas.

Types of Fire Behavior

Differences among head fires, back fires, and flank fires.

Sprayer Rigs

Recommended equipment for implementation of prescribed burns.

Protective Clothing

Appropriate attire to wear on a prescribed burn.

Proper Fuel Mix

How to properly mix drip torch fuel for prescribed burns.

Prescribed Burns Effects on Wildlife

Recently burned areas improve wildlife habitat conditions.

Prescribed Burns Effects on Livestock

How prescribed burns improve forage quality and quantity for grazing livestock.

Prescribed Burn Associations

Prescribed Burn Associations are dedicated to promoting the safe implementation of prescribed burns.

On-Site Weather

Tools to record fire weather measurements and importance of taking frequent weather measurements.

Landowners Perspective on Prescribed Burns

Texas producers talk about the role of fire on their beef cattle operations.

Ignition Techniques

Prescribed burn techniques to implement within certain situations and under distinct weather variables.  

Historic Role of Fire

How native Texas plant communities evolved with frequent fire.

Fire Weather Forecast

Where to find a fire weather forecast and how to interpret fire weather descriptions.

Fire Tools

Common tools on a prescribed burn to improve fire safety and control.

Fire Application

The role of fire in native Texas vegetation and plant communities.

Grazing Leases

An overview of grazing leases in Texas.  

Creating a Prescribed Burn Plan

Key steps to planning and implementing a prescribed burn, while avoiding liability.  

Communications, Radios, and Maps

Use of radios and cell phones on prescribed burns and how to identify burn units.  

Drip Torch Safety

Proper techniques to adjust and utilize a drip torch on a prescribed burn.

Drip Torch Troubleshooting

Maintenance and in the field management for drip torch performance issues.

Maintenance with Brush Management

View the different options for individually treating brush in reseeded sites.  

Timing and Planting Expectations

Determine the best time to plant and what to expect after planting.  

Seed Drill and Calibration

View the different parts of a typical native seed drill. Learn the steps to calibrate the drill before seeding.  

Choosing Native Seeds for a Planting Mix

Determine the seeds to include and how to come up with the ideal, diverse mix that will be successful on your South Texas property.  

Understanding Native Seed Tags, Storage, and Handling

Become familiar with labels on a seed tag. Protect your investment by storing and handling seeds correctly.  

Preparing Land for Seeding Native Grasses and Plants

Preparing the seedbed correctly will increase the likelihood of seed germination and a successful planting in South Texas.