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Turfgrass Trials

Testing varieties of turfgrass and comparing them side by side.  

Dual purpose Bioenergy Forage Crop

A new biofuel biomass feedstock that is a hybrid ‚Äúsimilar to seedless watermelons.  

New Aggie Turf Website

Providing information on Texas turfgrasses and the role they play in the lives of millions of Texans.

Building a Rain Barrel

Learn how to build a rain barrel for rainwater harvesting.  

How to Calibrate an Herbicide Boom Sprayer

Learn the proper techniques for calibrating an herbicide boom sprayer.

Mysterious Pest of Grain Sorghum

How sugarcane aphids threaten multi-billion dollar grain sorghum crops in Texas and other states.  

Using Drones to Detect Wheat Disease Spread

How researchers are using drones across wheat fields to help producers make better irrigation decisions.  

Distance Ed. Degrees in Plant Breeding Series 2

Distance education graduate degrees are primarily designed for people employed and seeking to advance their training and education.

Distance Ed. Degrees in Plant Breeding Series 1

As the global population increases, providing food, fiber and fuel to meet growing demand has become a significant challenge.

Cowpeas! They’re Not Just For New Year’s Day!

The Soil and Crop Services Department at Texas A&M University shares the benefits of cowpeas as families consider healthy lifestyle choices to combat childhood obesity.

Drought emphasizes need for AgriLife Research Turfgrass breeding

Trials seek drought and salinity stress tolerance traits in Turfgrasses.