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Click a link below to watch videos from the Texas A&M AgriLife Water Education Network –

Watering During the Winter

Only turn on sprinkler system when your plants need water.  

Water My Yard Website

Learn how much to water your yard based on weather.  

Water Conservation After Rain

Water conserved while there’s plenty available will be around when there is not.  

Sprinkler Efficiency Test

Use the Aggie Catch Can to determine your sprinkler watering efficiency.  

Rain Barrels and the Winter

Rain Barrels and the Winter.  

Texas Watershed Steward Program

Science-based, watershed education to help citizens identify and take action to address local water quality impairments.

Rainwater Harvesting at a Hunting Cabin

A simple rainwater harvesting system that is used for a hunting cabin.

Corrugated Roof and Gutter

Activity identifies where rainfall goes if it falls on a roof with and without gutter.

Building a Rain Barrel

Learn how to build a rain barrel for rainwater harvesting.  

Watering Your Lawn During Water Restrictions

Tips for watering lawn during water restrictions.  

Conventional Septic System Maintenance

Tips for maintaining your conventional septic system.

Aerobic Septic System Maintenance

Tips for maintaining your aerobic septic system.

Dickinson Bayou Watershed & Water Quality

There are about 5,000 septic systems in the Dickinson Bayou Watershed.